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Leadership is Evolving. Are You?

Think of your latest project… Chances are, it increasingly involves leaders from across your organization and across generations. If you are a member of an executive team or partner in a professional firm, work in a cross-functional team, lead Millennials, serve on a board, or participate in M&As and startups, you are among a group […]

How Do Leaders Lead Each Other?

Thriving in the marketplace today requires a diverse group of experts from across the organization to create and execute in harmony. Problem is, if a bunch of leaders attempt to work together, often you get the problem of too many chefs in the kitchen problem. The emerging question of leadership today is then, how do […]

Innovation Without Compromise

Compromise is an agreement, a settlement of a dispute or differing opinions that is reached by opposing sides making concessions. After years of working with teams around leadership, creativity, and innovation one thing we notice is that when groups are attempting to make a breakthrough innovation, solve a longstanding problem, they often and sometimes unknowingly default to compromise.  […]

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