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Why Simultaneity™

Why Simultaneity™?

Think of your latest project.

Chances are, it increasingly involves leaders from across your organization and across generations. If you lead an organization, are a member of an executive team or partner in a professional firm, work in a cross-functional team, lead Millennials, serve on a board, or participate in M&As and startups, you are among a group of leaders.

Your experience is proof that leadership is evolving from the hierarchy of leading followers to leader-ship, a container, ship or group of leaders leading leaders.

Often we exalt collaboration as the hallmark of leadership and teamwork. Yet, collaboration is rooted in co-labor, an antiquated Industrial Age principle and practice.

Furthermore, results from current collaborative-based leadership clearly demonstrate that collaboration is not sufficient for the Digital Age:

  • 75% of cross functional teams are dysfunctional. (HBR 2015)
  • 87 % of teams are not highly productive. (Heinrick & Struggles 2017)
  • Higher than 25% of teams are downright lagging or derailing. (Heinrick & Struggles 2017)
  • 13 % of teams that are highly productive only last 9 to 12 months. (HBR 1995)
  • 94% of HR executives from Fortune 500 companies reported that executives in their C-suite are not a well-integrated team.” (Heinrick & Struggles 2017)

Given these numbers, it’s no wonder research at Deloitte concludes that the current Digital Age requires a completely new way of leading. Yes, a“completely” new way.


So, what’s emerging to address the evolving challenge of leader-ship in the spiraling complexity and torrid rate of change in the Digital Age?

Simultaneity™ – a leadership technology that leverages today’s disruption for unprecedented innovation and in sync execute by igniting a self-generating synergy that moves beyond the sum of the parts.

Derived from spontaneity (meaning natural and genuine in the moment of action) and simultaneous (meaning two or more seemingly opposite actions at the same time), Simultaneity™ means two or more natural, genuine, and seemingly opposite actions at the same time.

Where shared collaboration involves situational leadership in which a leader leads OR follows in response to the situation, Simultaneity™ is a process in which leaders lead AND follow at the same time. When leaders follow as they lead and lead as they follow teamwork to team flow, just what the constant flux of the Digital Age demands.

Hear what our clients say.


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