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Everyone is talking about collaboration as the cutting edge of leadership, YET it is rooted in the Industrial Age concept and practice co-labor. Current leadership practices are lagging so far behind that recent research by Deloitte, calls for a “completely new way of leading.”

Here’s what’s emerging for the present Digital Age…


SIMULTANEITY™: The Cutting Edge of Leadership

Simultaneity™ offers a current approach to leadership that is grounded in:hands

  • An updated definition of leader-ship as a container, ship or group of leaders;

  • A state-of-the-art process in which leaders not only lead OR follow, depending on the situation, but lead AND follow in the same action; and

  • An evolved competency of bringing, and inspiring others to bring, a curious conviction.

Designed with this approach at its core, our new Simultaneity™ Leadership program leverages the disruption of today’s culture to cultivate:

  • Fun, effective cross-functional teams via our proprietary practice of IntraChange Dialogue™;

  • Unprecedented innovation via our distinctive practice of curious conviction;

  • In sync execution via our customized decision-making model.

Exercised together, these core Simultaneity™ practices ignite a self-generating synergy that evolves teamwork to team flow.



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