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A Completely New Way of Leading?

Research from Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends determines the digital age needs a “completely new way of leading.”

Completely new!

Does this mean your leadership is outdated…? Perhaps.

You might be thinking: ‘Wait a minute! I am a top leader. If not the top leader in my organization, someday I will be since my colleagues experience me as a good – even great – collaborator. In fact, excelling in collaborating has gotten me here.”

But let’s look at these results from collaborative-based leadership:

The numbers reflected in this research clearly demonstrate that collaboration is not sufficient for the digital age, which makes sense when we consider that it is an industrial age concept and practice rooted in co-labor. Soon, collaboration will be as outdated as command and control is today.

Shared leadership within collaboration involves leading or following depending upon the situation. What’s evolving for the digital age is Simultaneity™, leading and following simultaneously. Leading and following in the same action and inspiring others to do so creates consistent synergy.

If you want to co-create the evolutionary edge of leadership, check out my blog: Leadership is Evolving. Are You?

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