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IntraChange Dialogue

IntraChange Dialogue™

IntraChange Dialogue™ is a process of mutual leading where each participant is simultaneously leader and follower. It includes a particular mindset, defined method for opening, holding and closing a dialogue, personal competencies, team disciplines and is augmented with a simple decision-making process.

There are three dimensions to IntraChange Dialogue™ which, with development, are practiced simultaneously.

Dimensions of IntraChange Dialogue™:

  1. Inner Dialogue: Awareness of one’s own inner conversation, including what one currently observes, feels, thinks and wants. We are only as clear in our communication with others to the extent we are clear about our own inner conversations. We can only listen to others to the extent we listen, or observe without judgment, our own inner conversations or chatter.
  2. Inter Dialogue: The practice of engaging others in a conversation without a predetermined outcome in mind. This includes speaking what one currently thinks and feels increasingly in the moment as well as listening to others without thinking of what to say, instead of waiting to speak.
  3. Intra Dialogue: Builds upon inner and inter dialogue by listening to, then naming what is emerging within the conversation. This observing, without judgment or need to control, is acutely attentive, yet not attached to the outcome. Included here is a more advanced and esoteric practice of communicating, or listening and speaking, what is emerging.

As a leader or a team becomes adept at simultaneously practicing inner, inter and intra dialogue or IntraChange Dialogue™, they begin to experience a self-generating synergy that goes beyond the sum of the parts creating exponential potential.


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