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Simultaneous Leadership

Simultaneous Leadership™

Developed around the recognition that authority and responsibility have become more diffuse as information flows more freely, Simultaneous Leadership™ captures the skills necessary to lead and follow simultaneously. This model applies not just project by project and team by team, but moment by moment and throughout the workplace.

Simultaneous Leadership™ is a practice, and it takes practice. Just like improvisation, there are individual and collective disciplines you need in place to make it work.

Modeling new approaches to holding conversations, running meetings, making decisions, delivering feedback, and encouraging authenticity, Leading Leaders focuses on the personal competencies and collective disciplines necessary to create the trust, openness, and information flows that improve work performance and team satisfaction.

What It Delivers

  • Leveraging your company’s greatest asset: human capital
  • Coming to the “right” decisions in the right timeframe
  • Applying new ideas to real needs; executing on decisions
  • Forging a seamless link between creativity, application, and execution
  • Attracting new talent; engaging and capitalizing on existing talent; improving retention
  • Helping decision-makers earn buy-in
  • Creating a built-in succession plan by fostering and transmitting leadership across the organization

What It Prevents

  • Lack of engagement
  • Attrition
  • Boring meetings
  • Distrust, particularly around performance feedback and team dynamics
  • “Yes-men” and conversation dominators
  • Poor choices from a lack of deliberation; missed opportunities from too much deliberation
  • Leaving the “right” decisions to languish because the commitment to execute isn’t there

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