What is leading Leaders?

Today's organizations demand a different model of leadership. Leading Leaders offers a simple leadership methodology to match the dynamic nature of todays organizations.


Boss. Team Member. Business Partner.

How do you balance all these roles to achieve success?


Is synergy an accident?

Not so much. Every team falls into it from time to time. Our practice enables you to do it by choice.


“The Leading Leaders® Practice demonstrated key leadership principles that were unknown or simply overlooked. We soon realized how the concepts could become key differentiators between average leaders and exceptional leaders.” 

George A. Wolfe, Ph.D., former & retired Vice President & Dean of Steelcase University, Steelcase, Inc.


According to a recent Gallup Inc study:

  • Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged.

  • Higher levels of engagement = higher levels of innovation. 59% of engaged employees say their job brings out their most creative ideas against only 3% of disengaged employees.

  • Current leadership is the cause of employee disengagement.


Today’s antiquated leadership practices are wasting human capital. Leading Leaders boosts engagement and performance by teaching leaders and their teams how and when to lead and follow each other at the same time. Research from the Harvard Business Review indicates that when teams learn to lead and follow simultaneously they experience not just engagement, but synergy and innovation.


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“Leading Leaders creates an environment that will allow your team or company to operate at unimagined heights. Our decision making processes became exponentially more effective and efficient; and as a result, we increased profitability significantly.” 

Steve Malbasa – CEO Tartan Yacths


Most of us spend an ample amount of time learning and mastering a technical skill or subject matter. However, we’ve spent a fraction of that time learning how to best leverage our technical knowledge through leadership and working relationships. Today’s complex and diverse work environments demand that we invest in and re-imagine leadership for ourselves, our teams and organizations.

The Leading Leaders Practice fosters actionable creativity. By expanding our view of leadership we meet the demands of today’s complex environment with a repeatable innovation technology. The call for innovation is the call to lead leaders.


“Consultants tell us we need to talk and meet more regularly, but no one gives us a practical process for more collaborative conversations, productive meetings, and inclusive decision making. This program is exceptional because it addresses the missing link between empowerment and effectiveness.”

— Kathy Flanagan, former Senior Vice President Nuveen Investments


“While solving problems the tension created by differing perspectives often contains the seeds to an innovative path forward. Leading Leaders Inc. teaches professionals the skills to approach these differences in a manner that develops innovative solutions to difficult issues. This powerful process of engagement created a path forward for us that lead to total buy in as opposed to compliance. The impact continues to be dramatic.”

– Robert C Smith, Chairman & CEO Spero Smith Investment Advisers


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